Studio Herbet

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Idan Herbet

Industrial Designer, Tel Aviv , Israel.

As I see it, design is my way of expressing myself artistically.

I look at design as a statement. Industrial design for me is the way to improve, upgrade and renew our lifestyle.

I find it around me everywhere, everyday and i thank for that.


Studio about

Studio Herbet is a studio for industrial design based in Isarel, focused on human well-being. My designs aspire to make the user pause and appreciate the moment. I believe in extensive research and analysis as part of the design process of finding creative solutions for everyday problems, for a different experience of life.

As part of my work

I believe in combining abilities, each medium in my abilities is directly affecting the final product. The more I enrich my toolbox, the more independent I am, which allows me to take a project from idea to reality.

Design Awards